> A simple yet challenging card stacking game! Not for the weak-minded…

> Embark on 10 gruelling levels of one of the most iconic and historic games ever!

> Very few make it to the end, so value any victories as if it were your last.

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You’re in an office, your manager is busy, and it’s almost lunchtime… The perfect time to stack cards!
Embark on 10 gruelling levels of card stacking to achieve the ultimate goal… the LEVEL 10 CARD STACK. Said to be impossible, the LEVEL 10 CARD STACK will enlighten you into the true art of card stacking and grant you eternal bragging rights over your friends.
On your heroic journey you will encounter:
  • Card stacking
  • New card skins
  • Unlocking achievements
  • Card stacking
  • Wisdom from in-game emails


CARD STACKING! – Pretty self-explanatory.
ORIGINAL CARD SKINS – Purchase new card skins with in-game currency to boost your score
UNLOCKABLE ACHIEVEMENTS – Unlocks score multipliers (and makes a nice sound)
TIME ADJUSTER – For after-dark stacking!
CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY – Create your own monitor messages for all players to see!
STATS – Keep track of your skills with the stats page (not to be used for bragging)
10 LEVELS – Yup, only 10. Don’t @ me.


How to play:
  • Tap a ghost card to create a card stack
  • Tap again to drop the card in place
  • Stack as many cards as you can!
Good luck, comrade!
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